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Feedback post!
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*insert feedback post here!* :'D (I'll prettify it a little bit later...)

I used to have one of these, but every time I asked people to leave me feedback... they never bothered, so I kind of gave up on it? B-but by popular demand... it's back!

Please leave your feedback here!

I'd really appreciate it if people who have bought something from me (or traded something with me!) in the past could leave a comment here! Or if I bought anything from you? I'm pretty sure there's a few of you around here? Like, boomdiada? *flutters eyelashes!* (THERE'S GOTTA BE MORE. LIKE. SERIOUSLY. I've sold & bought so many things in the past on LJ! I just can't remember what or whom... X.x)

OTHER FEEDBACK: EBAY & ETSY & EGL DATABASE (as little_ribbon - my ex-journal!) & PKMN COLLECTORS FEEDBACK (also on little_ribbon) & BEADSPRITE COMMISSIONS POST & PERFECT PARFAIT JEWELLERY SHOP FEEDBACK (via my shop perfect_parfait which is now on hiatus!). I've err... been around for a while. ^^;;

Star Trek: Into Darkness PREMIERE @ LEICESTER SQUARE! =)
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FDJFKLJDLKFJSLKDJKLQD! EFF YOU, LIVEJOURNAL. Thanks to the recent errors & down-time I have lost the entire draft I was working on. It took me days to type everything up and link all the pictures, etc... and now I'm going to have to start all over! Pfft. Typical. *HEADDESK!*

Here we go again... T____T!

If you're following me on Twitter (@omfg_elephant!) you will most likely have heard all about this already, but on April 30th wraithness and I left for London. Uhm, again. B-but this time we took India with us, so there's that at least. ;) We were supposed to get on the Eurolines bus (in Antwerp, yay! SO HANDY!) at 9PM, but as usual, things never go according to plan! We had a two hour delay in which our bus simply did not show up and no one thought to inform us, haha. In the end we did make it to London mostly on time, though? I think we arrived around 6:30AM on May 1st!

EUROLINES, I AM SIDE-EYEING YOU. Even though you're taking wraithness and I back to London in June to see The Tempest (COLIN MORGAN! ROGER ALLAM! HEAVEEEEN!) for only €21. THAT'S FOR A FREAKING RETURN TICKET. HELL YEAH.

Anyway, here's yet another "LIN & KAY DO LONDON!" report. In this issue:


That's it for now! It's probably not as detailed as my original draft, b-but I did my best to make it as accurate as possible for boolafaz. These pictures are all from my own camera, by the way. I'll try to get a post with wraithness's funniest up soon. We always seem to act a little more silly in her pictures. I also have a few nice ones Kat sent me, so... we'll see? Maybe I'll add some of V. and L. as well if I can get their permission (possibly in a locked post, though!).

For now, check this out!! x'D It's my arm... photo-bombing on Cineplex's website, haha. Or if you're feeling generous: me taking a picture of Chris Pine & Kat.

If that's not impressive enough, my arm is also featured in this video on Youtube:

It's a really great video, IMO! It gives a pretty amazing overview of the entire event + an idea of the scale of it all... and it might even make you feel like you were right there with us?

☆彡 There's Cumberbuddy at 0:26!
★彡 The moment Chris Pine took a video of us waving at him! Well, loads of fans, but we were among those who waved!
☆彡 At 1:56 there's Zachary Quinto with Kat and a bit of L.?
★彡 There's extraordinary at 2:00 doing some acrobatics (I already took two pictures of them at that point? I think my arm was getting tired... IDEK YOU GUYS! AT LEAST MY CLEAVAGE WAS COVERED YO.) while wraithness IS LOOKING THE OTHER WAY WHUT & India is there, too!
☆彡 The deafening screams for Benedict Cumberbatch at 3:15, then...
★彡 At 3:21 -> 3:30 there's the moment Benedict takes the shoes from me to pose with them, omfg!! It was less than 10 seconds, but I was so terrified it felt like AN HOUR! I swear my Thought Processing Speed (TPS?) at the time could've rivalled Sherlock's, haha. Or did they speed up the video? *shifty eyes!*


<- my favourite one, from here!

Yeaaaah, pretty much the. best. moment. ever. ♥___♥

Nathan &amp; Stana [stuck on you]

IN GHENT! YAY! uploaded by extraordinary on Flickr.

I am so sorry about the radio silence, dearest friendslist! =(

Please forgive me? My life has just been a little hectic lately - and not always in a good way. I've been putting a lot of work into the Dutch translation of Sherlock's Home: The Empty House. It's been a bit of a bumpy road, b-but we've finally reached the final stage of proofreading, so hopefully we'll have it all ready for publishing by May. *crosses fingers!* (boolafaz is working on the French version, by the way! :O)

When I'm not working on that or looking for a proper job (OR HAVING DINNER WITH define_serenity & wraithness? OR GUILTING wraithness INTO PLAYING BADMINTON WITH ME? BASICALLY.), I've been doing a lot of... IDEK what the verb for it is? Basically I've been an extra on a lot of sets! *grin!* I was as the set of Het Vonnis in Brugge for a whole week last month, then there was a really interesting short movie for the Red Star Line museum that's opening in Antwerp soon & a commercial for an apple cider drink thingie just this week! It's been fun? I'm definitely not looking to go anywhere with this or make a career out of it, though. Just doing it for the sake of doing something and staying busy. ALSO MONIES. =)

Next week I'm doing two more little things (on the 24th & 25th!) and then I'm going to help madmodesty out at her booth at Antwerp Con on the 28th. Come say hi if you're going to be at the convention, OK. :D :D :D

AND THEN ON THE 30TH OF APRIL I AM GOING TO LONDON (AGAIN!) WITH wraithness & INDIA FOR THE STAR TREK PREMIERE! :O!! <- well, basically we are leaving on the 30th and arriving on the 1st of May. It's going to be quite the adventure. LOL.

Speaking of India, she's a relatively new friend I made at the set of Het Vonnis last month! Err, I already knew her through Facebook before that because we have loads in common - but we'd never met in person until then? It already feels like I've known her forever, though. WHICH IS WHY SHE'S COMING ALONG ON OUR TRIP TO LONDON. You're definitely going to see more of her in the future, dear flist. ♥____♥!

So, yeah, shiny new friend. Today we hung out in Ghent, by the way! We had fun visiting all the vintage clothing & second-hand bookshops we could find & went to say hello to madmodesty at work, haha. I took a couple of pictures~!


So. Yeah. I had a great time today. :D :D :D

The journey back to Antwerp was a little less fun, though. I got on my train from Ghent to Antwerp at 18:16. Got stuck in Sint Niklaas, was supposed to get a replacement train at 19:11. That train got stuck somewhere before reaching Sint Niklaas so we had to wait an our in the coooold (it was quite sunny, but the wind made it ice cold!) before it arrived & then it took aaaages before it actually started moving. Finally made it to Berchem at 21:00-ish, where we had to switch to yet another train to Antwerp-Central... got there at 21:15, had to wait forever for my tram (21:36!) and finally got home at TEN FUCKING PM. So glad to be home, omfg. Not sure where I'm finding the energy to type up this LJ post, b-but it's been so long since I updated so I'm determined to finish it in one go. YOU GUYS BETTER COMMENT NOW. LOL. ;) (Kidding, kidding! Sheesh! x'DD)

Sylvanian Families [opening doors]

LOOL! :D uploaded by extraordinary on Flickr.
I'm a little behind schedule, b-but I am announcing The Annual Showing Off All The Birthday Gifts LJ-Spamming Games! Or, T.A.S.O. eheheheh. ;)

I'm going to try to do them in chronological order, so I'll start with thelovemafia gift and work my way up to madmodesty's (which I got this weekend!). It's going to be awesome. I got so many lovely gifts, you guys. I am one spoiled fangirl. *grin!*

Anyway, thelovemafia: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME WALLET! I couldn't possibly love it more - it's just perfect! ♥____________♥!

The thing is, thelovemafia didn't just give me the most perfectest wallet ever... she also put adorable little notes inside. So, now I'm going to spam LJ with pictures of my new wallet. Because of reasons. LOOK AT HOW AMAZING MY WALLET IS, YO! C'MON. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.Collapse )

Okay, how was that for a warm up? :D Coming up next: merywether's big box full of stuff!


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